Dehydration in healthy persons

Summer months are characterized by increased environmental temperatures. This means that if exposed several times to heat and sun, we start sweating, losing water and electrolytes. We usually consume liquids, coffee, tea or beer, thinking that they suffice. But these have diuretic properties and exacerbate dehydration.

If this reaches a significant level of falling water and electrolytes, insidiously symptoms begin, to which we don’t initially pay attention. These are thirst, dry mouth and decreased urination with unusually dark urine, maybe constipation, definitely easy fatigue, headache and dizziness, which can reach to a pre-fainting or fainting episode (orthostatic hypotension). It also makes us vulnerable to infections due to the damage of the epithelium and indigestion due to reduced digestive fluids.

The treatment is to take liquids i.e. water and electrolyte solutions to restore the dry mouth and oliguria, and search for a cool and shady place. In extreme cases we may have to visit the nearest health unit.


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